FULL – School Garden Ecology Workshop

2018-02-23 10 am - 3 pm Location: VanDusen Guides Classroom Instructor: Lea Elliott Price: Member $31.50 Non-member $35

In this teacher Pro-D workshop, learn how to grow an ecologically-friendly school food garden by fostering relationships between soil, plants and animals.

This workshop is designed for teachers who are enthusiastic about gardening, ecology and cultivating a healthy garden ecosystem. It is also for others in the school community who are interested in school gardens, such as support workers and parents. Explore how to grow a garden in concert with nature. Learn how to attract insects and birds to help pollinate crops and eat pesky pests. Discover why you should rotate a diversity of plants. Be introduced to crops that are well suited to the west coast and the school year. Investigate how to inexpensively build healthy soil. See how a school food garden can be a living demonstration of plant and animal life-cycles, adaptations and interconnection. Instruction will include hands-on activities, group work, and exploration of the Garden.

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