The Home Gardening Series (Online)

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Presented by VBGA & Vancouver Master Gardeners

January 16th to March 19th (Tuesdays or Saturdays)

⭐ This wide-ranging 8-session series is the ultimate opportunity to expand your home gardening knowledge through lectures from some of Southern BC’s most highly regarded gardening experts, covering an array of relevant topics for beginner and seasoned gardeners alike.

The Home Gardening Series will cover essential gardening principles, spanning a diverse range of topics, providing a flexible and impactful partial offering of the Master Gardener training course suitable for beginner and seasoned gardeners alike.

Participants in the Home Gardening Series will have a unique opportunity to attend select Master Gardener Basic Training lectures on gardening fundamentals.

Topics and presenters include:

Date Topic Presenter
January 16 Soil, Growing Media, Nutrition Teresa Porter
January 23 Herbaceous Plants Ben Stormes
January 27 Herbaceous Plants (Part 2) Ben Stormes
January 30 Woody Plants Janis Matson
February 13 Growing Vegetables Linda Gilkeson
February 17 Growing Vegetables (Part 2) Linda Gilkeson
February 20 Propagation Maria Valana
March 19 Resilient Gardens in a Changed Climate Linda Gilkeson

Read a detailed description of individual sessions here.



Note: Please note that this is a small segment of the full Master Gardener training course. Visit the website for more information about the formal Master Gardener Basic Training program: