NEW 2020 Speaker Series: Bardia Khaledi

2020-09-30 6:30pm - 7:30pm Location: This event will take place online. (Zoom)

Bardia Khaledi presents: “Reconciling our Values and our Gardens (on Unceded Land)”

This talk will explore garden-making through the intersections of rewilding, decolonization and belonging within the southwestern British Columbia context. It will also highlight the efforts of local organizations such as botanical gardens to act as cultural & scientific bridges. Several thought-provoking questions will be reflected upon to bring us closer to each other and to share a healthier appreciation of this land and its flora.


Bardia Khaledi holds an M.A. in Anthropology from Simon Fraser University. His thesis explored how the devaluation of indigenous knowledge in favour of natural sciences, and the erasure of indigenous place-making in preference for a Canadian identity have shaped the settlement of this land we call British Columbia. As an educator and qualitative researcher, his work focuses on how knowledge is created, what inclusive environmental education looks like, and why an indigenous understanding of this land deserves its own platform. Bardia was the Chair of the VanDusen Seed Collectors from 2009-2015; he focused on building a native plant seed catalog and promoting knowledge about growing native plants that would lend themselves best to BC’s climate.