Newly Renovated Bee Hives at VanDusen!

2021-03-29 2021-04-30

The bee hive enclosure at VanDusen Botanical Garden has just been renovated with a brand new split-rail fence, weed-free gravel pad and a wildflower seed mix which will add some pollinator-friendly blooms inside the fence later this summer!

The bees didn’t fare well last year so new bee colonies will be brought in by VanDusen’s apiarist, Tony Lovse, in mid April. There will be 3-4 hives this year, though the exact number may fluctuate over the season, depending on how the bees thrive. The smaller empty hive is a “swarm hive” where bees can go if they decide to swarm.

Bee sure to check out the hives on your next Garden visit and read the interpretive signs located nearby!