Online Speaker Series 2021: “VanDusen’s Fascinating Birdlife”

2021-02-25 6:30pm -7:30pm

Presented by: Debbie Hlady

Discover VanDusen Botanical Garden’s diverse bird life of over 100 species living in variety of unique habitats. Swallows, tanagers & many migratory birds visit VanDusen & Vancouver backyards after an amazing flyway journey from Central & South America! Learn about what garden plants our feathered friends prefer & even learn a few bird songs!!

Speaker Bio:

Debbie Hlady has been a wildlife conservation planner with both provincial & federal governments. She has also been a keen gardener & avid birdwatcher for over four decades! Debbie enjoys sharing her knowledge of our natural world, and helping others learn more about the birdlife is in their own backyards and communities.