BC Native Tree ID Walk

Sunday, April 5 2.00pm - 4.00pm

VBGA Members: $31.50 | Non Members: $35

Develop your plant ID skills outside in VanDusen’s tree collections. Garden staff Samantha Sivertz will cover identification, ecology, history and cultural significance of some common trees native to British Columbia. Sam’s engaging teaching style weaves stories with science – learn about researchers, explorers, and folklore, and discover tips and tricks to help you remember the trees.

Instructor: Samantha Sivertz.


Holistic Plant Walk with a Métis Herbalist

Monday, April 20 6.00pm - 8.00pm

VBGA Members: $27 | Non Members: $30

Come and explore the Garden as you discover indigenous ways of knowing with Métis herbalist and educator Lori Snyder. As you learn to identify wild, native and medicinal plants, you come to understand the role of these as food, medicine, and shelter for all species. Find out how to best use these plants, when to harvest and what can be made with them. While acquiring a deeper appreciation for the plants growing around us, we remember our responsibility, develop relationship, learn reciprocity, build respect and open ourselves up to reverence for our living world.

Instructor: Lori Snyder.


Sprouts, Microgreens & Baby Greens

Tuesday, April 21 6.30pm - 8.30pm

VBGA Members: $31.50 | Non Members: $35

Microgreens, sprouts, and baby greens can be grown at home all year round, even in small urban spaces. Learn the difference between these three types of plants, and the required growing conditions for each. In this class, you will gain an understanding of the systems and products that you will need to grow greens at home. You will taste sprouts and microgreens, and prepare your own microgreens tray to take home at the end of the class.

Instructor: Yael Stav.


Botanical Illustration: Level 1

Wednesday, April 22 - Wednesday, June 10 10.00am - 1.00pm

VBGA Members: $247.50 | Non Members: $275

Learn how to draw plants from an aesthetic and botanical perspective while improving your observation and artistic skills. This eight-session course is ideal for anyone wishing to approach a beginner level of botanical drawing. Students will be given step-by-step instructions on how to progress through botanical drawing projects using graphite pencils. Katharine guides students through contour and gesture drawing exercises, followed by longer studies using line and tonal drawing techniques. A supply list can be provided upon request following registration. Limited folding chairs are available onsite for drawing outdoors when weather permits.

Instructor: Katharine Dickinson.


Bitters: from Snake Oil to Artisanal Cocktails

Thursday, April 23 7.00pm - 8.30pm

VBGA Members: $41.50 | Non Members: $45

Made with infusions of roots, barks, fruit peels, seeds, spices, herbs and flowers, the spectrum of flavours that can be achieved with bitters is seemingly limitless. Take a journey through the fascinating history of bitters, beginning as herbal remedies in the 17th century, into a multi-million dollar industry with bold claims of curing ailments of all kinds in the 19th century, through to prohibition and the recent re-emergence in modern cocktails. Sip on cocktails made with local spirits while we explore some of the botanicals commonly used as bittering agents and discuss current uses in drinks to try at home. Ages 19+ only.

Instructor: Cole Benoit.


Naturalist's Journal: Botanical Drawing

Friday, April 24 - Friday, May 8 10.00am - 1.00pm

VBGA Members: $108 | Non Members: $120

Improve your drawing skills for journaling, teaching, or pure enjoyment. Drawing directly from nature is about observing plants to identify shapes, spaces between shapes, edges, and scale. Katharine will teach you how to record nature through illustration. Learn how to create the illusion of depth, and make observational drawings looking at plants from different aspects. Please note, this series cannot be taken as individual courses.

Instructor: Katharine Dickinson.


Healthy Soils for Healthy Gardens

Saturday, April 25 10.00am - 2.00pm

VBGA Members: $54 | Non Members: $60

Build up your garden while improving your green thumb with longtime VanDusen Gardener Casey Werfl. Participants will learn all about soils, compost, leaves, digging over garden beds, and amending soils. Gain tools in plant selection and planning, and planting for successful growth. Get practical knowledge by seeing a demonstration of planting, watering, fertilization, and more.

Instructor: Casey Werfl.