Guardians of the Garden: Bee Strong Challenge

Friday, March 12 - Monday, April 5

Suitable for ages 4 – 10

Help us build a kinder environment for our hardworking pollinators by becoming a VanDusen Guardian of the Garden. Join us this spring for the Bee Strong Challenge to learn more about our pollinator friends, and how we can do our part to protect them. Complete the Bee Strong Challenge and collect your Bee Strong badge and reward for your hard work!

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Spring Soil Sale Cancelled

Thursday, April 1 - Wednesday, April 28

Due to current restrictions the Spring Soil Sale is cancelled.

Cancelled: 2021 VanDusen Plant Sale

Sunday, April 25

It is with great regret that we, the VanDusen Plant Sale committee have decided once again to cancel the 2021 VanDusen Plant Sale.

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VBGA Annual General Meeting (Online)

Tuesday, April 27 7:00pm

This year’s VBGA Annual General Meeting will be held on April 27th at 7:00pm on Zoom.

To participate RSVP is required by Members holding current VBGA membership.

To RSVP email by April 22.

Listening to the Bees

Thursday, April 29 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Presented by: Mark L. Winston and Renée Sarojini Saklikar

In this Speaker Series presentation, Mark L. Winston and Renée Sarojini Saklikar will welcome us into their multi-dimensional understanding of bees through conversation, readings and imagery.

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Bloom Calendar


Saturday, March 20 - Sunday, June 20

In spring the Garden is bursting with cheerful rhododendrons, stunning magnolias, delicate cherry blossoms and bloom-full camellias –  to mention a few…

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Sunday, June 20 - Wednesday, September 22

Summer in the Garden features vibrant colours and fragrant smells for our visitors to enjoy.

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Wednesday, September 22 - Tuesday, December 21

Autumn colours are absolutely stunning at the Garden, and there are plenty of blooms still showing.

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Illustrating Birds (Online)

Tuesday, March 9 - Tuesday, March 16 6:00pm - 8:00pm

This illustration course will bring the fun of drawing to the world of birds. Strengthen your observation skills for studying birds, while developing your illustration skills. In the first class of this 2-part series, capture the plain form and essential bird features with simple sketches. In the second class, explore adding touches of watercolour to your drawing. After this course, you’ll have the confidence to bring your sketchpad out to the park, or to VanDusen Garden, or Bloedel Conservatory, and connect to birdwatching through art.

Botany of Bud (Online)

Saturday, March 20 10:00am - 11:30am

In this workshop, Cannareps Headmaster Adolfo Gonzalez joins the VBGA community to provide an introductory class on the botany of Cannabis. Learn the basics of speciation and the morphological differences between plants. Adolfo’s instruction will feature bud dissection and a lesson in their key components. This class will investigate trichomes under an electronic microscope, and give participants a better understanding of the active and biochemical components of cannabis. Must be 19+ to attend.

A Story of Wild Plant Medicines (Online)

Thursday, March 25 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Join Indigenous Herbalist Lori Snyder as she weaves the stories of wild plants and shares the ways our ancestors gathered them for food and medicine. Learn to identify the most common wild plants (weeds) that grow in your backyard or local parks, and tap into the wisdom of their teachings. In this session, you are invited to turn off your screen to listen and discover for yourself who is growing around you that may be helpful for your health and the health of other species living with us.

Watercolour Landscapes (Online)

Thursday, April 1 11:00am - 1:00pm

Revel in West Coast scenery by learning to paint watercolour landscapes in this workshop with Susan Pearson. Whether you’re painting an ocean or mountain scene, or adding a focused subject in the foreground layer, this class will help you learn the necessary techniques to express scenic beauty. Instruction and demonstration will cover techniques such as wet-into-wet washes, lifting colour off the page, and timing layers of colour.  Recordings of classes will be available for a limited time to registered participants.

Botanical Illustration Level 1: Part 2 (Online)

Wednesday, April 7 - Wednesday, April 21

Learn how to draw plants from an aesthetic and botanical perspective while improving your observation and artistic skills. This 3-session course is ideal for those with some drawing experience, and will focus on drawing with pen and ink. Instructor Katharine Dickinson will guide students through scale and perspective, accurate line and shape, tonal variation, and detail techniques. Online education includes presentations, live front view, and overhead demonstrations. Recordings of classes will be available for each week.

Get Started with Vegetable Gardening (Online)

Saturday, April 10 10:00am - 11:30am

Avoid the common mistakes of vegetable gardening, and learn the basics. Join Farmer and Educator Jess Henry of Farmers on 57th to simplify your approach, and focus on growing what you’d like to harvest and eat. In this workshop for beginners, learn best practices for vegetable selection, planting, and maintenance tips like watering, amendments, fertilizers, and soil. Whether you’re gardening in containers, your backyard, or a large plot, this class will teach you when, where and how to start your seeds, and begin preparing your garden site plan.

Grow your Own Cut Flowers (Online)

Saturday, April 17 10:00am - 11:30am

In this workshop with flower farmer Jess Henry of Farmers on 57th, learn how to plan and plant a patch of flowers that will provide a rotating selection of easy-to-grow blooms. Time your planting for ongoing blooms, and learn the basics of arrangement principles. Whether you’re incorporating your flower garden into your perennial patch or framing your veggie garden, you will gain a foundation in flower-specific selection and varieties. For those with basic gardening skills, this class will encourage you to consider colour, texture, bloom timing, and more, as you plan your flower plot. Join the local, seasonal flower movement and grow flowers from your garden to your table.