Teacher Pro-D

Learn with us, and develop your gardening skills, ecology knowledge, and ability to teach your students in the great outdoors. Teacher Pro-D is generously subsidized by the Vancouver Master Gardeners.

Find the perfect fit for you and your teaching team.

  • +October 22 Teacher Pro-D: Schoolyard Birds for Educators
    Date Time Location
    October 22 9.00am – 11.00am Online

    Join the VBGA’s upcoming online Teacher Pro-D Session where the Vancouver Avian Research Centre (VARC) will help empower teachers to incorporate bird themes into the curriculum! We will explore common backyard birds, their amazing adaptations, and how birds are working for us and the local environment.

    This virtual Pro-D session includes a lecture, Q & A, activity ideas and demonstrations, and a teacher resource package.

    This course will take place online. Recordings will be available for a limited time to participants. Pre-registration required.



  • +October 22 Teacher Pro-D: The Importance of Indigenous Perspectives in Children’s Environmental Inquiry SOLD OUT
    Date Time Location
    October 22 12.30pm – 2.30pm Online

    How might an awareness of Indigenous perspectives inform your practice over time as you explore lasting connections to the natural world with your students? This webinar will present opportunities for thinking about how you can effectively and sensitively integrate inquiry, experiential learning, and an Indigenous lens into a better normal that “breathes with the world.”

    Natural Curiosity offers a powerful way to engage students in learning about their world. As more educators turn to the outdoors amid COVID-19, there are many compelling reasons for integrating environmental inquiry – a process shaped by students’ questions and theories – into your teaching practice. The Indigenous lens in Natural Curiosity 2nd Edition provides a starting point for all educators to consider the importance of Indigenous perspectives in environmental and all learning.

    This course will take place online. Recordings will be available for a limited time to participants. Pre-registration required.

    Sold out.

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    Participants interested in purchasing Natural Curiosity 2nd Edition can email naturalcuriosity@utoronto.ca to receive a discount code.

  • +The Classroom Garden Series (K-7) SOLD OUT

    Our 2021 – 2022 Teacher Pro-D program is sold out!

    This online ten-part series will support K-7 elementary teachers eager to explore opportunities for teaching across the curriculum in their Westcoast school garden. Each month you will look at timely tasks that help keep your gardens growing, as well as specific curricular connections and practical management tips for teaching outdoors. Seasonal resources will be shared, and participants are encouraged to share their own success stories and challenges to broaden our
    collective expertise.

    Registration is free this year and offered explicitly to a limited number of practicing K-7 educators.

    By accepting a spot in this series, you agree you are available and committed to attending all sessions.

    Contact Aymara Pineda apineda@vandusen.org for more information.