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Capacity may be limited depending on the Provincial Health Order at the time of your event.

Rental facilities are currently available at VanDusen Botanical Garden and Bloedel Conservatory. Please reach out to or to inquire about availability at each venue.

VanDusen Botanical Garden and Bloedel Conservatory offer a range of stunning facilities for your next memorable event. We have a number of beautiful indoor and outdoor locations to choose from. Please review the information below to gain a better understanding of what is involved in renting our facilities for your event.

  • +VanDusen Botanical Garden: Outdoor Rentals

    Outdoor rentals are available from May 1, 2022 to October 9, 2022. We are accepting booking requests for 2023 with the option to pay a deposit to secure a date. Contact our rental department directly at for information.

    With an outdoor wedding rental, your guests will have the opportunity to explore all 55 acres of VanDusen Garden while keeping a safe distance from others.

    Celebrate your special day in one of three serene outdoor locations at the Garden: The Great Lawn, Heron Lake or Meadow Pond.

    Location Capacity
    The Great Lawn 200
    Heron Lake 120
    Meadow Pond 30

    *Capacity includes all vendors, guests, and  bridal party.

    Click here for more details. View the 2022 Brochure.


    Facility Rentals
    Phone: 604-257-6915
    Fax: 604-257-8679


    1. Great Lawn Aisle Decor (Raymond & Jessie Leung Photography)   
    2. Great Lawn Ceremony Set up (Raymons Décor)   
    3. Great Lawn Ceremony Decor (Raymons Décor)   
    4. Great Lawn Panorama in May   
    5. Great Lawn Ceremony Tent Exterior   
    6. Great Lawn Reception Tent   
    7. Heron Lake End of Aisle Close up   
    8. Heron Lake_Ceremony Set Up in July   
    9. Heron Lake panorama in July   
    10. Heron Lake in July   
    11. Signing Table under the willow tree at Heron Lake   
    12. Heron Lake Tent set up between the willow tree and the maples   
    13. Meadow Pond Panorama (May)   
    14. Meadow Pond Delphiniums in bloom (June)   
    15. Pathway through the Delphiniums leading to Meadow Pond (June)   
    16. Flowers near Meadow Pond (July)   
    17. Meadow Pond Archway (August)   
    18. Meadow Pond garden area (August)   
    19. Meadow Pond panorama (August)   
  • +VanDusen Botanical Garden: Indoor Rentals

    Visitor Centre

    The architecturally stunning and award-winning Visitor Centre – one of the world’s most environmentally advanced buildings – offers picturesque views of Livingstone Lake and Woodland Garden.

    The Visitor Centre includes the BMO Great Hall and Peggy Gunn Woodland Hall A and B. These rooms can be rented as one large space or separated into various combinations depending on the needs and size of your event.

    All rates subject to GST. Rates are subject to change. Proof of non-profit status is required for the non-profit rate.

    Capacity may be limited based on COVID-19 Provincial Health Orders at the time of your event.

    Floral Hall

    Our Floral Hall is located in an early 1970’s building that features cedar details and designed in an iconic West Coast style. This is a great location for business meetings, conferences, seminars, memorials, wedding receptions, banquets, Christmas parties, or for special office functions.

    Cedar Room

    A conveniently located, moderate sized room for your meeting, workshops, or classes.

    For more details and pricing of these spaces please click here.

    View the 2022 Brochure.


    Facility Rentals
    Phone: 604-257-6915
    Fax: 604-257-8679

    Also on site:

    Truffles Fine Foods Catering & Café, Shaughnessy Restaurant, the VanDusen Garden Shop, and the Library, are available for your convenience. Ample free parking, wheelchair accessibility and direct access to this unique garden setting make the venues within the Visitor Centre and Floral Hall Pavilion an ideal location for your event.

    Garden Visits

    Special rates for garden admissions are available for purchase when renting any of the above venues. All prices subject to change.

    1. Peggy Gunn Woodland Hall A & B Reception Set up (Truffles Fine Foods, Debut Event Design, & Chair Décor)   
    2. Visitor Centre Halls Reception Set up (Truffles Fine Foods & Connections Event Planning and Designs)   
    3. Visitor Centre Halls Reception Set up Table Decor (Truffles Fine Foods & Connections Event Planning and Designs)   
    4. Visitor Centre Halls Gala   
    5. Visitor Centre Halls Seminar Set up   
    6. Visitor Centre Halls   
    7. Visitor Centre Halls Full Lecture Set up   
    8. Peggy Gunn Woodland Hall B Birthday Luncheon Set up (Truffles Fine Foods)   
    9. Peggy Gunn Woodland Hall A & B Ceremony Seating   
  • +Bloedel Conservatory: Rentals

    Wedding Ceremonies and Family Photography

    Bloedel Conservatory is a lush domed paradise located in Queen Elizabeth Park atop the City of Vancouver’s highest point. More than 100 exotic birds, koi fish, and hundreds of exotic plants and flowers thrive within its temperature-controlled environment.

    It is a unique setting for an intimate wedding, family photography shoot or event. Click here for more details. View the 2022 brochure.

    Commercial Photography and Filming

    Bloedel Conservatory provides a unique tropical backdrop.

    Commercial photo shoots and filming is permitted outside of regular operating hours before the Conservatory opens and after it closes.

    Closure of the facility is usually required for film shoots and a staff supervisor is required at all times.

    Click here for more details. View the 2022 Brochure.


    Maria Di Antonio
    Phone: 604-654-0780

  • +Commercial Photography

    Rates subject to GST.

    Item Rate

    Commercial photography level 1:

    • No props, no light stands, or tripods, hand-held equipment only
    • Maximum three people including the photographer
    • Maximum shoot time: 4 hours (between 7am-11pm)

    $47 / hour liaison fees for duration of shoot

    Commercial photography level 2:

    • Allows props, lighting stands and equipment, tripods
    • Allows more than three people including the photographer
    • Maximum shoot time: 16 hours (7am-11pm)

    $47 / hour liaison fees for duration of shoot

    Click here for more details.

    For more information on commercial photography please contact Facility Rentals, 604-257-6915, or

  • +Group Photography at VanDusen Botanical Garden

    The Garden is an exceptional setting for wedding and group photographs. Group photography includes photos for wedding, engagement, graduation, maternity, family groups and other special occasions, and is permitted during Garden hours.

    Reservations are not required. Please have one person pay for the entire group at the Admission desk when everyone is ready to enter the Garden.

    Rates subject to 5% GST

    Size of Group Rate
    Up to 4 people $96
    5 to 8 people $185
    9 to 15 people $261

    For groups with more than 15 people, each additional person receives a 10% discount from the general admission price. Photographer/Videographer receives complimentary admission.

    *The use of drones is not permitted in the Garden.

    Conditions of Use

    1. Please respect everyone’s personal space during your visit.
    2. Please do not block pathways or take photos in an area that would limit other visitors and staff from passing by.
    3. All tri-pods must be on grass areas/off pathways. Do not place tri-pods in garden beds.
    4. Please do not stand or walk through the garden beds.
    5. Drone photography/videography is not permitted.
    6. Props, furniture (chairs, arbours, tables, sound system, etc.) and pets are not permitted.
    7. The Photography fee is non-refundable.

    For Commercial photography (for magazines, movies, etc.), please check the commercial photography section below or contact 604-257-6915,

    For all other rental/wedding inquiries, please contact Facility Rentals, 604-257-6915, or

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