Practical Pruning

Saturday, October 15 10.00am - 1.00pm

Join former VanDusen head gardener Casey Werfl for a class on the fundamentals of pruning. Casey will introduce participants to the practical aspects of pruning, focusing on the type of cut, time of year, reasons to prune, tool care, and plant health.

This class includes ample time in the Garden with Casey, who will demonstrate pruning techniques and tips and also examine plants in need of pruning and the results of past pruning.

Gardening in Small Spaces (Online)

Tuesday, October 18 6.00pm - 8.30pm

Let’s have some fun in our small gardening spaces! What do we have to work with?

Join Janis Matson to discuss and understand the design elements and principles, and limitations and potential when designing and gardening in smaller spaces. This class will focus on best practices and creative ideas that make a small space POP – from plants to hard features to garden accents.

Botanical Illustration: Forest Floor in Autumn (Online)

Wednesday, October 19 - Wednesday, November 2 10.00am - 12.00pm

Improve your drawing and observation skills to capture the variety of late-season plants and botanical objects that blanket the forest floor in autumn.

Instructor Katharine Dickinson is a local artist whose demonstrations will guide you through various exercises, including contour and gesture drawing exercises, followed by line and tonal drawing techniques. Experiment with watercolour washes, mixing colours to match the specimens’ natural colours and adding dry brush texture markings.

Watercolour: The Changing Colours of Autumn

Thursday, October 20 - Thursday, November 3

Cooler crisp days, changing light, golden to mauve! This is such a lovely time of year. The changing colours of autumn will inspire us in this watercolour series guided by artist and illustrator Susan Pearson.

In this three-session series, we will cover essential techniques from beginners to more advanced, with projects and various assignments using graded washes, building light and dark values and introducing surprise colours. Fresh-cut samples from the Garden will be available for inspiration, while you will gain familiarity with the medium.

Please bring your questions, ideas, passion, interests and art supplies!