Beekeeping for Beginners

Sunday, March 29 - Sunday, April 5 10.00am - 12.30pm

VBGA Members: $63 | Non Members: $70

Join BC bee expert Brian Campbell for this two-part introduction to honeybees and how to keep a hive of honeybees in an urban environment. He will give an overview of bee biology, bee and hive behaviour, threats such as mites, and more. Discover what is required to keep bees in the city, learn about the essential equipment and tools and where to find them. Please note, this series cannot be taken as individual courses.

Instructor: Brian Campbell.


Medicinal Plant Walk

Sunday, March 29 1.00PM to 3.30PM

VBGA Members: $27 | Non Members: $30

Meander through VanDusen Garden with medical herbalist Katolen Yardley to identify flowers, herbs, shrubs, trees, and weeds while discussing their medicinal properties. Notice seasonal plants and learn folklore and common applications for these plants traditionally used for medicines. Meet at the Visitors Centre and enter the Garden as a group. Bring a notebook, pen, and camera (optional).

Instructor: Katolen Yardley.


Flow to Slow Yoga

Monday, March 30 - Monday, June 15 10.15am -11.30am

VBGA Members: $18 | Non Members: $20

Join us for an energizing, relaxing yoga practice. The first portion of class moves you through a gentle flow of active, dynamic postures to wake up your muscles and get blood flowing. We then wind down to a slower pace, holding postures to help nourish your joints, relax your mind and release tension. Appropriate for beginners or experienced students alike. Bring a yoga mat and towel or light blanket. Some props are available to use but you are welcome to bring your own. Class takes place in the beautiful VanDusen Guides Classroom with garden views.

Instructor: Timothy Martin.


Introduction to Qigong

Monday, March 30 - Monday, June 15 12.00pm - 1.00pm

VBGA Members: $18 | Non Members: $20

Join Anita Wong of the YS Traditional Chinese Medicine & Martial Arts College for an introduction to Qigong. Qigong is a meditation in motion, and is a simple but effective system to enhance overall health and fitness. This exercise incorporates breathing techniques with body movements, and directs energy throughout the meridians. Through this course, you will relax the body and mind, strengthen bones, enhance balance, and improve blood circulation. Class starts with Qigong practice and is followed by some Taichi steps to close. This class is suited for beginners and experienced students alike, with easy-to-follow steps, and deep relaxation.

Instructor: Anita Wong.


Brain and Body Workout for Boomers and Beyond

Tuesday, March 31 - Tuesday, June 9 10.00am - 11.00am

VBGA Members: $18 | Non Members: $20

This class, designed by kinesiologists and occupational therapists, is an evidence-based program to improve both physical and brain conditioning. The first half of class combines physical conditioning exercises (cardiovascular, balance, strength, coordination) with rhythm, creativity, memory, kinesthetic learning, and cognitive play. The second half includes exercises for flexibility, core, and posture followed by visualization, meditation, and deep relaxation. Participants describe this class as “fun”, “exciting”, “refreshing” and “soothing”.

Instructor: Love Your Age Fitness.


Watercolour Techniques

Thursday, April 2 - Sunday, February 9 10.00am – 12.30pm

VBGA Members: $67.50 | Non Members: $75

In this two-part series aimed at beginners or those looking to refresh their knowledge, Susan will demonstrate watercolour techniques that will make it possible for you to capture an image on paper. Work with a selection of reference materials, including fresh cuts from the Garden, the views of VanDusen, and photographic images. Please bring your own supplies.

Instructor: Susan Pearson.


Basics of Photography

Saturday, April 4 10.00am - 2.00pm

VBGA Members: $27 | Non Members: $30

Get to know the basic functions of your DSLR camera with Melissa in this workshop aimed at beginners. You will learn how to adjust manual settings including lighting and colour to achieve the desired outcome, then head out to test your new skills out in the Garden.

Instructor: Melissa Clark.