Chigiri-e Paper Art: Tulips

Thursday, May 7 1:30pm - 4:30pm

VBGA Members: $63 | Non Members: $70

These popular workshops guide you in a step-by-step creation of your own beautiful chigiri-e paper art piece. Chigiri-e is a Japanese art form using pieces of hand-dyed washi paper to create beautiful and detailed images. The result resembles a watercolour painting with a delicate texture.

Instructor: Leanne Hildebrand.


Cannabinoid Chemistry and Legislation

Saturday, May 9 10.00am - 12.00pm

VBGA Members: $31.50 | Non Members: $35

Join Thomas Ulanowski, chartered chemist and university instructor of plant production and facility management, to learn about the cannabis plant and the past, present, and future regulations of cannabis in Canada. Explore the evolution and botany of cannabis, including its history of human interaction and intervention. Look at trichomes under the microscope, and develop a scientific understanding of this plant and its compounds. Ages 19+ only.

Instructor: Thomas Ulanowski.


Herbal Salve-Making

Tuesday, May 12 7.00pm - 9.00pm

VBGA Members: $36 | Non Members: $40

Explore the art of medicine-making during this workshop led by Métis herbalist and educator Lori Snyder. Discover which plants are best suited for medicinal infusions, when to harvest them and how to prepare, store, and apply them. Participants will witness a demonstration on making salve ointments with plant infused oils and beeswax, ideal for treating cuts, wounds, scrapes, sunburned skin, dry hands and chapped lips.

Instructor: Lori Snyder.


Creating Herb Containers

Wednesday, May 13 6:30pm - 9.00pm

VBGA Members: $31.50 | Non Members: $35

Multi-talented horticulturist, arborist, and landscape designer Janis Matson welcomes you to this interactive workshop dedicated to designing your own beautiful container herb garden. Explore the basics of design, considering colour and texture, container selection, forms and growth habitat, and seasonal bloom planning. Gain skills to maintain your container garden by learning about pruning, harvesting, growing, and watering. Leave this class with new creative ideas to design and care for your own container garden. Herb containers from class demonstrations will be available for purchase by donation (min. $20). All proceeds go back into garden programming.

Instructor: Brian Campbell.


Landscape Photography in the Garden

Sunday, May 17 10.00am - 2.00pm

VBGA Members: $49.50 | Non Members: $55

Join Melissa as she guides you through taking great landscape photos using the 22-hectare Garden as your subject in this intermediate workshop. We’ll discuss aspects of positive and negative space, depth of field, potential visual distractions, and learn how to work optimally with the weather that this spring day brings us. Class concludes with a group feedback session.

Instructor: Melissa Clark.


How to Engage Kids in the Veggie Garden

Tuesday, May 19 6.00pm - 8.30pm

VBGA Members: $36 | Non Members: $40

Join Jenna Jaski of Victory Gardens and the Classroom Gardener to learn how to get your kids involved in your vegetable garden. Find out which vegetables most kids like to eat and grow, and learn how to design and plan for a garden that your kids will love to explore. With extensive experience educating adults in their home gardens, and students in their classroom gardens, Jenna brings a diversity of knowledge to this course. This course suits gardeners of all skill levels, and community and school garden educators alike.

Instructor: Jenna Jaski.


Introduction to Aromatherapy

Thursday, May 21 6.00pm - 8.30pm

VBGA Members: $27 | Non Members: $30

Join medical herbalist Katolen Yardley in this new class to learn about essential oils, discussing their various modes of production, therapeutic effects and principal aromatic energies. Discover 5 essential oils and their use for cognitive function, stress and first aid, as well as dilution and practical home application. You will also learn about ethical and ecological concerns, and sustainable production methods of essential oils. Each participant will make and take home a 10ml essential oil roll on blend.

Instructor: Katolen Yardley.