Design Your Vertical Garden

Tuesday, April 28 - Tuesday, May 5 6.30pm - 9.00pm

VBGA Members: $63 | Non Members: $70

Urban properties are now smaller, and vertical gardens are popular with city-dwellers looking for gardening opportunities that maximize the use of their space. Join sustainable design expert, Dr. Yael Stav in this 2-part workshop on Vertical Garden Design. In the first session, learn about the various types of vertical gardens and the advantages of each. Yael will share her expertise on design and construction, plant selection, irrigation, and planning for the specific needs of your vertical garden. In the second session, you’ll explore principles of effective vertical garden design, and work in groups to design your own vertical gardens.

Instructor: Yael Stav.


Designing Gardens for the Senses

Wednesday, April 29 6.30pm - 9.00pm

VBGA Members: $31.50 | Non Members: $35

Go beyond designing a garden that looks good, and create a garden that feels and smells good too! Join Janis in this experiential and interactive class, equipping participants with the tools and understanding to create a sensory haven on your property. Explore how to design gardens that are welcoming and multi-sensory; incorporating texture, colour, scent, sound, touch, and movement into the garden.

Instructor: Janis Matson.


Watercolour Meetups

Thursday, April 30 - Thursday, June 11 10.00am - 12:30pm

VBGA Members: $180 | Non Members: $200

Bring your paint, questions, and ongoing projects to our weekly series of meetups hosted by instructor Susan Pearson. Susan will offer group demonstrations for techniques each week, and provide individual assistance during this casual and social approach to learning. Make new friends, or catch up with old ones while you paint the morning away. Fresh seasonal plant material from the garden will be provided for inspiration, or you may bring your own. Some watercolour painting experience required. Single class or full series registration available to suit your schedule.

Instructor: Susan Pearson.


Perennial Stroll with a VanDusen Gardener

Saturday, May 2 10.00am - 12.30pm

VBGA Members: $27 | Non Members: $30

Enjoy the magic of VanDusen with long-time staff gardener, Casey Werfl. The walk will have an emphasis on perennials and all you need to know about them. Covered topics will include plant selection, division, planting, perennial care and special tips. Prepare to walk throughout the Garden to see Casey’s personal favourites.

Instructor: Casey Werfl.


Introduction to Birdwatching

Saturday, May 2 1.00pm - 3.30pm

VBGA Members: $31.50 | Non Members: $35

Long-time VanDusen birding guide Jeremy Gordon is back with this seasonal favourite! During this introduction, he will discuss best birding resources such as binoculars and field guides, share tips on how to identify birds, and highlight hot birding spots in Vancouver. Following a one hour classroom presentation, Jeremy will take the class out for a walk to look for some of the 96 species of birds in the Garden, putting your newly-acquired ID skills to use.

Instructor: Jeremy Gordon.


BC Native Shrub ID Walk

Saturday, May 2 2.00pm - 4.00pm

VBGA Members: $31.50 | Non Members: $35

Take a stroll in the garden with VanDusen’s Plant Documentation Technician, Samantha Sivertz. Gain familiarity of the gardens, knowledge of plant identification, and an understanding of ecology. Use a basic identification key, and observe characteristics to identify local shrubs, and where you might encounter them. Walks will cover which local shrubs produce edible fruit, and how wildlife use them for food and shelter.

Instructor: Samantha Sivertz.


Impressionist Watercolour Workshop for Beginners: Parrot Tulips and Irises

Sunday, May 3 9.00am - 12.00pm

VBGA Members: $63 | Non Members: $70

In this workshop Jane will guide you through the stages of creating beautiful watercolour flowers, providing all supplies, handout notes and step by step instruction on sketching your choice of either tulip or iris. You will then work with wet & wet technique to dry brush with a limited palette to paint the flowers with ½” flat brushes; learning the significance of the direction of your brush strokes to follow the petal shapes. You will finish the workshop with a completed painting to take home. If you have always wanted to try watercolour but don’t want to invest in the supplies just yet this is ideal for you.

Instructor: Jane Saborio.