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Monday, March 20 2023 - Wednesday, June 21 2023

In spring the Garden is bursting with cheerful rhododendrons, stunning magnolias, delicate cherry blossoms and bloom-full camellias –  to mention a few…

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Wednesday, June 21 2023 - Friday, September 22 2023

Summer in the Garden features vibrant colours and fragrant smells for our visitors to enjoy.

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Saturday, September 23 2023 - Thursday, December 21 2023

Autumn colours are absolutely stunning at the Garden, and there are plenty of blooms still showing.

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Thursday, December 21 2023 - Sunday, March 24

The winter Garden features muted colour palettes, stunning silhouettes and a scattering of colour with winter berries and blooms.


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Local Pollinators Tour

Saturday, July 20 10:00am - 12:00pm

Curious about the birds and bees of Vancouver?

Join Emily Black, an enthusiastic entomologist and experienced VanDusen guide, as she explores the world of local pollinators and their contributions to the beauty and productivity of nature during this outdoor session.

Learn to identify common species, such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, along with their preferred plants and flowers. Get expert tips on creating a ‘pollinator-friendly’ backyard to support these vital creatures and enhance your garden’s biodiversity.

Botanical Syrup-Making

Saturday, July 20 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Unlock your garden’s potential to craft cocktails, mocktails and teas.

Discover the versatile flavours of fruit, flowers, leaves, and seeds that make fantastic edible syrups you can use for delightful drinks to enjoy with friends and family. During this presentation, you can taste a range of flavoured cordials from leaves, flowers, fruits and vegetables and learn about various plants’ benefits, growing and harvesting tips for your planned garden additions, and recipes for your future harvest.

Conifers of VanDusen Garden Tour

Wednesday, July 24 3:30 - 4:30

Join Buck Buchwald, Site Supervisor of horticulture operations at VanDusen for a tour and talk and discover the fascinating variety of conifers in the Garden, including evergreens and deciduous species, and learn about their unique adaptations and ecological roles.

Coniferous trees range from towering giants to alpine miniatures and are among the most diverse and long-lived organisms on Earth.

July Multisensory Nature Immersion

Saturday, July 27 10:00am - 12:30pm

Escape the stress of modern life and immerse yourself in the Garden’s tranquillity. This guided immersion isn’t just a walk in the park—it’s a slow, gentle experience that engages all your senses, fostering deep connections with nature.

Known as shinrin-yoku or forest bathing, this practice is backed by evidence-based research indicating that it can reduce stress, enhance focus and creativity, and improve sleep and wellness. You’ll be guided to enjoy the Garden’s lush soundscape and calming power, with optional journaling and sketching time. The session concludes with reflection over wildcrafted tea and treats.

Intro to Butterflies and Moths

Saturday, August 10 10:00am - 12:00pm

Explore the fascinating world of butterflies and moths!

Join Emily Black to dive into their anatomy, life cycles, vibrant colorations, unique behaviours, and essential roles in ecosystems. You will also learn to identify local species and discover how to make your garden more butterfly-friendly. The program includes a 1-hour classroom presentation and 1-hour outdoor observation session.

Summer Pruning: Principles and Techniques

Saturday, August 10 10:00am - 12:30pm

Discover the art of summer pruning for beginners in this workshop.

Learn to control growth in deciduous trees and shrubs, perfect for small spaces. Enhance light, airflow, and fruit quality in fruit trees. Gain insights on pruning Japanese Maples, Birch Trees, and Plums with Laurelle Oldford-Down, following ISA pruning guidelines. Bring a sharp bypass pruner if you have one; extras will be available.

Growing Chinese Medicinal Plants in Your Garden

Wednesday, August 14 - Saturday, September 7

This five session course will provide you with essential knowledge on growing Chinese medicinal plants and guide you through the proper methods of cultivating, harvesting, processing, and using medicinal herbs.

You will learn how to grow and use 15 common Chinese medicinal plants, differentiate them from other crops, and understand the factors that affect their quality and therapeutic effects. The course will also cover the history, culture, and eastern perspectives on medicine and health.