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Monday, March 20 2023 - Wednesday, June 21 2023

In spring the Garden is bursting with cheerful rhododendrons, stunning magnolias, delicate cherry blossoms and bloom-full camellias –  to mention a few…

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Wednesday, June 21 2023 - Friday, September 22 2023

Summer in the Garden features vibrant colours and fragrant smells for our visitors to enjoy.

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Saturday, September 23 2023 - Thursday, December 21 2023

Autumn colours are absolutely stunning at the Garden, and there are plenty of blooms still showing.

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Thursday, December 21 2023 - Sunday, March 24

The winter Garden features muted colour palettes, stunning silhouettes and a scattering of colour with winter berries and blooms.


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Wildlife-Friendly Gardening

Wednesday, June 26 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Create a wildlife sanctuary in your backyard! Join our course and learn tips for selecting native plants and incorporating garden elements that benefit local wildlife, no matter what size of outdoor space you have. Say goodbye to invasive species that disrupt your garden’s delicate balance, thanks to Tasha’s insider knowledge.

Join a passionate community of nature enthusiasts who are enhancing urban habitat, embracing sustainable gardening, and leaving a biodiversity legacy for future generations.

Speaker Series: How Gardens Inspire Conservation (Hybrid format)

Thursday, June 27 6.30pm - 8.00pm

Presenter: Rob Butler
Topic: How Gardens Inspire Conservation (Hybrid format)

In this presentation, Rob will speak about his career in conservation, his passion for both birds and gardens, and will present his new work of historical fiction about a young woman’s quest to escape the humdrum to travel the world as an ornithologist during post-war London.

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June Ivy Basket Weaving

Saturday, June 29 10.00am - 12.00pm

Discover the art of crafting baskets and trivets from invasive English ivy. In this hands-on experience, you will learn all the steps of collecting, preparing and weaving ivy.

Enjoy refreshments while you connect with fellow participants. You’ll leave with your very own completed ivy creation. No experience is necessary; all materials are provided.

Summer Introduction to Qigong

Monday, July 1 - Monday, July 29 11:00am - 12:00pm

Join Anita Wong of the YS Traditional Chinese Medicine & Martial Arts College for an introduction to Qigong. Qigong is a meditation in motion and a simple but effective system to enhance overall health and fitness. This exercise incorporates breathing techniques with body movements and directs energy throughout the meridians.

Through this five-session course, you will relax the body and mind, strengthen bones, enhance balance, and improve blood circulation. This series is suited for beginners and experienced students, with easy-to-follow steps and deep relaxation. Class starts with Qigong practice, followed by some Taichi steps to close.

Eco-printing Workshop

Saturday, July 6 - Saturday, July 13

Discover the fascinating world of eco-printing, where leaves, flowers, seeds, and bark transform fabric into unique works of art.

Under the guidance of Fernanda Mascarenhas, you’ll learn the basics of eco-printing while creating your own silk scarf and cotton bandana. Explore dyeing plants, fabric types, and the use of mordants to enhance your designs. Plus, we’ll use plants gathered from the streets of Metro Vancouver, connecting you with nature’s beauty.

Don’t miss this chance to express your creativity in a whole new way!

Botanical Syrup-Making

Saturday, July 20 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Unlock your garden’s potential to craft cocktails, mocktails and teas.

Discover the versatile flavours of fruit, flowers, leaves, and seeds that make fantastic edible syrups you can use for delightful drinks to enjoy with friends and family. During this presentation, you can taste a range of flavoured cordials from leaves, flowers, fruits and vegetables and learn about various plants’ benefits, growing and harvesting tips for your planned garden additions, and recipes for your future harvest.

Local Pollinators Tour

Saturday, July 20 10:00am - 12:00pm

Curious about the birds and bees of Vancouver?

Join Emily Black, an enthusiastic entomologist and experienced VanDusen guide, as she explores the world of local pollinators and their contributions to the beauty and productivity of nature during this outdoor session.

Learn to identify common species, such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, along with their preferred plants and flowers. Get expert tips on creating a ‘pollinator-friendly’ backyard to support these vital creatures and enhance your garden’s biodiversity.